AdVitam - Adaptive Driver-Vehicle Interaction to Make future driving safer

AdVitam stands for Adaptive Driver-Vehicle InTerAction to Make future driving safer. It is a 3 years (2018-2021) research project co-funded by Hasler Fundation.

AdVitam explores how human-vehicle interface (HVI) can be designed at different level of attention in shared control driving to keep the driver at the optimum cognitive load and to fully support the potential of semi-automated driving.

The project aims at contributing to the vision of a car as a companion where the driver and the car work collaboratively and interactively as team-members to control the vehicle.

This project involves three PhD students. The first one works on multi-sensory experiences considering the entire car interior in order to support driver supervision tasks and increase situational awareness. The second one investigates how to use different modalities and combine them to improve the intervention of the driver during take-over requests. The third one studies how we can use several psychophysiological signals in order to assess the driver state in real-time.

The work of the three students will outcome in a novel collaborative interaction model between the driver and the vehicle in shared-control driving.

General information
  • Date: 02.02.2018
  • Type: Research project
  • Responsible: Elena Mugellini