Classification of driver’s condition using physiological signals

Technology is an important aspect of our lives especially in the 19th century, where life gets easier even more with the development applied in our houses, work field and daily lives. Nevertheless, these technologies should be studied and tested well, in order to avoid any mistake or glitch in the system. Cars, like any other machines, are being highly developed to make it capable of driving autonomously while taking into consideration the state of the driver during the ride. In this AdVitam project, several physiological signals were being investigated, to check which are the most representative of the driver’s state, in order to enable the vehicle to warn the driver adequately in case of critical situations.

General information
  • Date: 16.07.2020
  • Type: Internship project
  • Responsible: Quentin Meteier


Quentin Meteier
Senior Researcher
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Mira El Kamali
PhD Student