Empathic System to Reduce Stress and Control Productivity in Occupational Health

Our empathic system is a system that provides multiple scientifically proven techniques for stress reducing and productivity increase for users in occupational health sector. The main objective of this system is to allow the users to use the provided techniques in multiple situations (i.e. car, office, remote work) in a way that almost all users can benefit from them without being limited to have some extra stuff in order to practice them. Our proposed system is divided into two main components: 1. The back-end: This component is responsible for handling data, processing it and sending it to the front-end component to be properly displayed. 2. The front-end: This component’s main goal is to provide a user-friendly web interface from which he/she can receive all proposed techniques By implementing the components mentioned above, we were able to successfully hand the user a set which consists initially of four types of techniques: relaxing music that offers different genres (classical, pop, and jazz), stretching exercises which includes some that can be practiced using the office’s chair, relaxing breathing exercises that can be also practiced almost anywhere in a well guided steps list, body posture adjustment for body comfort while sitting for a long period on the chair each day. Furthermore, this platform offers for therapists to add recent techniques that are also scientifically proven in order to enhance productivity of the users and their lifestyle.

General information
  • Date: 17.05.2021
  • Type: Master project
  • Responsible: Karl Daher


  • Hassan Balhas
Karl Daher
Senior Researcher
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Melhem El Helou
Partners : Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth   Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Beyrouth