Multilingual Appointment Chatbot

Multilingual Appointment Chatbot is a project in collaboration with a Swiss startup called Deeplink specialized in chatbot technologies. For one of their customers, Deeplink requires a chatbot being able to detect if there is a time and a date in a text message sent by a human to the bot and to respond with a proper answer. This chatbot will be used in order to take appointment with customers.

The goal of the project is to compare several popular Natural Language Processing al- gorithms with text in French translated by a translation service. After testing those algorithms, a scoreboard will be made with specific criteria to find the best viable solu- tion.

After that, it is planned to create a Telegram bot in order to interact with the com- pany schedule and the customer.

General information
  • Date: 15.05.2020
  • Type: Semester project
  • Responsible: Jacky Casas