Multiple Sclerosis Self-Care Application

This bachelor thesis is the continuation of two semester projects carried out in collaboration with the
“Haute Ecole de Santé” (HEdS). It aims to complete the mobile application (app) created during these
semester projects and to add an innovative technological functionality.
The overall goal of this project is to create an application that is able to help and accompany both
caregivers and patients. Thus, relieving medical and family caregivers as well as increasing both
patient’s self-care and understanding of their disease.
The secondary aim is to put into practice the skills acquired during the computer engineer studies
(project management, programming, analysis, software engineering, (machine learning)).
This work will focus on improving the existing mobile application based on the results of the user tests.
Then, an analysis of the possible integration of machine learning algorithms and / or a chatbot will allow
to compare and select which innovative technology will be integrated into the application. Finally, the
chosen technology will be implemented.

General information
  • Date: 16.07.2021
  • Type: Bachelor project
  • Responsible: Leonardo Angelini


  • Corentin Bompard
Omar Abou Khaled
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Elena Mugellini
Head of HumanTech
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Partners : HEdS