Nestore with family

As the population of the European Union is getting older and older, information and communication technologies offer solutions to enable seniors to stay active. However, their success depends on how users perceive their effectiveness in terms of health and well-being. For this purpose, the HumanTech Institute takes part in the European project NESTORE, it is responsible for the development of NESTORE, an innovative, personalized and multidimensional coaching system that creates motivation to take care of personal health and suggests personalized recommendations in terms of nutrition and mental and physical activities. Currently the basic idea of this NESTORE is focused on older adults, in fact the goal of this project is to adapt the product also in other circumstances such as family in collaboration with HEG students. Consequently, it consists of creating a complete scenario by specifying the roles of each interface so that the user can be guided in the use of these different interfaces. A requirement of the project is to make parents and children communicate with each other through NESTORE. In the future when the scenarios will be validated and implemented, the goal will be to test them.

General information
  • Date: 28.01.2021
  • Type: Semester project
  • Responsible: Mira El Kamali


  • Simone Quirici
  • Raffaele Scarcella
Omar Abou Khaled
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Elena Mugellini
Head of HumanTech
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Leonardo Angelini
Senior Researcher
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Mira El Kamali
PhD Student
Partners : Nestore